Geo-Mutualists take influence from the philosophies of Mutualism, as provided by early thinkers such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Josiah Warren, and Geoism, as provided by Henry George.

Geo-Mutualists strictly adhere to the cost principle, which states that cost should be the limit of price. Recognizing the natural competition for economic rent, we believe that occupancy and use is best defined by community acknowledgment, through the collection of a Land-Value Dues (LVD). Geo-Mutualists support mutual credit, community land trusts, and cooperative models of ownership, and seek to delegitimize usury, the private ownership of the Earth, and authoritarian social relations. Geo-Mutualists wish to see an end to state and private collection of taxes, rent, interest, and profit.

“Who is entitled to the rent of the land? The producer of the land, without doubt. Who made the land? God. Then, proprietor, retire!” – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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